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website of Kwangjin Tech!

Thank you for visiting our website.

Based on expertise and experience accumulated in the manufacturing of edible fats and oil of animal-origin (fish oil) in the past years, we at Kwangjin Tech endeavor incessantly to produce the best quality products.

Since the establishment in 1988 as Kwangjin Industry, the company has grown based on the manufacturing of oils and fats. We changed the name of the company to Kwangjin Tech in 2003, and established professional manufacturing facilities in the Chilseo Industrial Complex to provide better quality to our customers. Now, we are manufacturing medicine and medical supplies (raw materials), health functional foods, refined processed fat and feed stuff for seawater fish culture.

Based on our technologies and quality recognized in the market for a long time, we will continue to lead the future by producing high-quality products for the development of health and oil & fat industry.

Thank you.

Ok-Yun Mun
Kwangjintech Co., Ltd.